LtE: Someone Run for Select Board

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I am pleading for someone to come forward to run for Select Board so that this town does not have to put up with Karen Gatley Herrick for three more years.

In my over 60 years involved in local politics, I have never witnessed someone as rude, arrogant, and a bully as she.

Ms. Herrick was in part the cause for the delay in the construction of the water tower that cost the ratepayers $1.8M; she pushed for the EV charging station that cost the RMLD ratepayers $82,400 and will take over 30 years to recover this cost.

Ms. Herrick was rude to the representative of Burbank Ice Arena, the Town of Reading only leases the land to the arena as a 501c3. The arena has only to report to the IRS and the Town Treasurer and not to Ms. Herrick.

In her interaction with at least two fellow members of the Select Board, she often interrupts. She claims to be an expert on Roberts Rules and often does not the Board chair.

Ms. Herrick has pushed for the sale of the RMLD property on Ash Street. I feel that she fails to realize that the ratepayers of the Town of Wilmington as the larger (60%) of the RMLD system, and I am sure they will not pay to relocate RMLD.

Please step up and run for Select Board. The Town can only continue to go downhill if Ms. Herrick is elected for three more years.

William C. Brown
Martin Road

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