Letter: Let’s Elect Megan Fidler-Carey

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Dear Reading Community,

As a recent Reading Memorial High School graduate who has known Megan Fidler-Carey for about a year now, I can confidently say that she is a perfect candidate for the School Committee. I best know Megan through the Reading Embraces Diversity committee (RED), where she is a very active member. During my time at RMHS, where I was a part of the A World of Difference (AWOD) group, I worked very closely with RED. With Megan’s help, the committee has taken a lot of action to raise awareness of diversity and inclusion and has led many events in town to embrace diversity.

Megan is a very active member in our community already. Aside from her involvement in the RED committee, she has also been a Town Meeting member since 2016. Her voice in town is very apparent and important.

As a student, I have talked to Megan many times about how important the student voice is. As a member of the School Committee, she would make sure that students’ voices are heard and taken into account, and that there are a lot of actions taken to make sure students are in a community and a school system that cares about them past just the basic and academic level.

Something that especially stuck out to me about Megan when I met her was how energetic and friendly she is. She was so approachable and presented an energy that she was someone you could trust for anything you ask her. She is obviously very dedicated to all of the work she does and can be relied on for whatever task is given to her. She also understands the importance of community and collaboration. She will make sure that everyone’s ideas are taken into account when making decisions for the schools.

Together let’s elect Megan Fidler-Carey!

Tali Shorr

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