Letter: Strong Support for Carlo Bacci for Select Board

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Dear Reading voter:

I am writing to express my support for Mr. Carlo Bacci’s candidacy for a seat on the Reading Select Board.

In my view, also as a professional and business owner, and as a 40+ year resident of Reading, I believe that we need Carlo’s knowledge, practical experience and successful track record represented on the Board, along with his energy, enthusiasm, and love for our great town.

I believe that Carlo is economically intelligent, knowledgeable and practical (call him “fiscally conservative” if you like), and able to identify the important issues and prioritize how we address them, which is what Reading needs in our leadership.

Our Town Manager, Bob LeLacheur, can only be most effective if he has a Board that works closely with him and his staff, clearly communicate to him what is required, understands the issues Bob faces, asks difficult questions of him, expects the best, and examines results closely and provides constructive feedback.

I believe Carlo will do just that, given his years of experience working with professionals like Bob.

Carlo’s position of no separate tax rate for small businesses is important, possibly critical, to Reading. While the recently enacted split rate seems modest, it nonetheless puts a growing burden on our limited number of local businesses. We don’t want to see Main Street again populated with empty and boarded-up business properties, as we saw in 1997 and 2007 (years of Reading’s Tax Classification Task Forces). We have more storefronts coming with the new projects downtown, so let’s continue our progress, not endanger it. Carlo will encourage businesses — the right ones for Reading — to come into town, and help them thrive along with our current businesses. I think he’ll bring solid balance and common sense to the Board.

Given Reading’s history of overrides, I support Carlo’s position of a 5-year moratorium on overrides, based on Reading’s present and anticipated finances and real needs. I understand that he is the only candidate to have taken that position.

Every day Carlo plans and budgets carefully in his business, but is prepared to deal with surprises and the unexpected. The Board needs someone capable of planning and budgeting, while also ready and able to address the unexpected, from day one.

Carlo’s successful 30-year business experience, both retail (former owner of The Chocolate Truffle, on Main St.) and commercial (wholesale candy manufacturing), and having provided full- and part-time jobs for hundreds of people in all capacities over the years, gives him the practical knowledge, skills and experience we need on the Board.

Please vote with me for Carlo on Tuesday, April 2.


Steven Cool
Prospect Street, Reading

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