Letter: Chuck’s Intellect, Personality, and Demeanor are Still Critically Needed

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Chuck has been an enduring, kind, professional figure in Reading who, since his early years in Chelmsford, has proved that he has learned the value of public service. Chuck’s deep respect for this Town and its people is evident daily; I know it to be a seven-daily awareness of local concerns on all Town levels.

If you are reading this, he has or should have your attention. His invaluable tenacity, sensitivity, and common sense have in varied roles, most recent School Committee, have been natural assets to the Town. From new schools to gutter repair he has served fairly, evenly, and incisively. From District-wide curriculum-evolution to a single class experience he has provided a distinctly pervasive vision.

Current School issues require Chuck’s even analyses and clear conclusiveness; please remember that the Town gets all of this from a volunteer.

Reading has witnessed and now knows intuitively that Chuck’s intellect, personality, and demeanor are still critically needed. When the time comes please cast your vote to secure a certain strength on the School Committee.

Hal Croft

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