Reading Police Log May 19-21, 2023

Reading, MA – Excerpts from the Reading Police and Fire Log:

Friday, May 19, 2023

  • 7:16am – Report of a minor vehicle crash on Main Street.
  • 7:40am – Low-hanging wire reported on Bay State Road.
  • 7:47am – Lift Assist for a Bond Street resident.
  • 7:56am – Traffic enforcement on Forest Street.
  • 8:02am – Minor vehicle crash on Main Street. No injuries reported.
  • 8:03am – Officer covering a crossing post on Melbourne Avenue.
  • 8:18am – FD on scene for a cutting/welding detail on Summit Drive.
  • 8:29am – Verbal warning issued for speed on Forest Street.
  • 8:36pm – Tractor trailer took down crossing lights at Lowell Street and Grove Street.
  • 9:32am – Timberneck Road resident reports a fraudulent unemployment claim.
  • 9:36am – Summer Avenue resident reports bank fraud as the result of a phone scam.
  • 11:02am – Traffic enforcement in Reading Square.
  • 12:25pm – Suspicious vehicle reported on Salem Street.
  • 12:49pm – Officer covering a crossing post at Summer Avenue and Melbourne Avenue.
  • 2:20pm – Traffic enforcement on Chapin Avenue.
  • 2:40pm – Erratic vehicle operation reported on Main Street.
  • 3:20pm – Colburn Road resident reports a sick or injured raccoon in their backyard.
  • 4:11pm – Springvale Road resident reports that a group of youths are waiting in her yard.
  • 7:38pm – Vehicle on fire at North Main Street gas station, not near pumps or building..
  • 8:21pm – Traffic enforcement on Oakland Road.
  • 8:51pm – Traffic enforcement on Hopkins Street.
  • 9:14pm – Traffic enforcement on South Street.
  • 10:06pm – Commercial alarm at a General Way business.
  • 10:38pm – Report that a group of youths are gathering by the RMHS field house.
  • 10:50pm – Lakeview Avenue resident has a noise complaint.

Saturday, May 20, 2023

  • 12:08am – Haverhill Street resident complaint regarding a person outside banging pots and pans.
  • 2:04am – High Street resident reports concern over an Uber driver.
  • 5:20am – Commercial alarm at a General Way business.
  • 7:56am – Minor vehicle crash near Perfecto’s Cafe on Main Street. No injuries reported.
  • 8:18am – Caregiver reports that an elderly person walked away near Bell’s Barber Shop on Main Street.
  • 9:56am – Chapin Avenue resident complaint regarding a vehicle blocking driveway.
  • 10:15am – Traffic enforcement on Charles Street.
  • 10:54am – Briarwood Avenue resident reports vandalism to residence.
  • 11:44am – Officers assisting with funeral traffic on Haverhill Street.
  • 11:46a – Airpods found at Birch Meadow turned in at the station.
  • 11:50am – Report of a refrigerator placed at the curb on Haven Street with the doors still on.
  • 12:35pm – Investigation of a minor vehicle crash on New Crossing Road.
  • 1:08pm – Complaint regarding parked vehicles blocking drop-off area at RMHS.
  • 1:42pm – Traffic enforcement at Charles Lawn Cemetery.
  • 1:58pm – Set of keys lost at Killam Elementary School.
  • 2:00pm – 79-year-old pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle on Haverhill Street. [Read More]
  • 3:19pm – Assistance rendered to RMLD on Main Street.
  • 3:29pm – Tree branch resting on wires and smoking on Red Gate Lane.
  • 4:24pm – Alarm at RMHS field house door.
  • 5:27pm – Wire down across the road on Tamarack Road.
  • 6:50pm – Transformer fire on Main Street.
  • 8:57pm – Commercial alarm at a Main Street business.
  • 9:44pm – Sawing and hammering reported at a Woburn Street building.
  • 10:39pm – Commercial alarm at a Walker Brook Drive business.
  • 11:22pm – Report of an attack in an elevator in a Main Street building.
  • 11:49pm – Metal debris in the road on Main Street.

Sunday, May 21, 2023

  • 8:25am – Lift assist for a Prescott Street resident.
  • 10:52am – Investigation of a fire alarm on Haven Street.
  • 12:32pm – Woburn PD requests a check of the area on West Street.
  • 5:08pm – Traffic enforcement on Chapin Avenue.
  • 5:15pm – Verbal warning issued on Torre Street.
  • 5:25pm – Complaint regarding an illegally parked vehicle at the Bancroft Avenue tennis courts.
  • 5:43pm – Community policing at RMHS.
  • 5:43pm – Traffic enforcement on Catherine Avenue.
  • 6:00pm – Traffic enforcement on Charles Street.
  • 6:22pm – Verbal warning issued on Charles Street.
  • 8:34pm – Commercial alarm at a Grove Street business.
  • 9:06pm – Warrant arrest of a suspect as the result of a report of a suspicious vehicle in a Summit Drive parking lot.
  • 9:33pm – Erratic vehicle operation reported in the RMHS parking lot.

Arrest Log:

Suspect arrested for assault and battery on a police officer.

Suspect arrested for Warrant.

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