Letter: Can you hear this Reading?

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Dear Editor,

What in the world is going on with our Select Board Chair? 

I watched the recent Board of Health meeting and I couldn’t figure out the purpose of his actions regarding the health agents “Lack of Fines” from the last couple years. Isn’t that a good thing? Doesn’t that mean our current health agent is effective? Does the Chair not believe she is doing her job? Does the Chair not understand that the Health Agent might be educating the businesses to be compliant and on a re-check, restaurants/establishments are doing what they are supposed to do; hence, no fines? Why did the Chair set out on a fishing expedition and how on earth did he know to go ask if there were Public Records requests made about the fines, and then ask to see them? Why do the Board of Health members not have access to the information they need?? Why on earth are they doing a public record request? That doesn’t seem efficient. 

It is and was totally irresponsible, without first learning the facts, to release information in a Select Board packet which gives the implication of an incompetent employee, or worse, that it is unsafe to eat in Reading establishments. This is not the business-friendly environment we want to create. If we want to attain and attract competent employees and restaurants in our town, let’s communicate first before publicizing documents that cause panic and fear.

Furthermore, I am horrified that our Select Board Chair emailing out support for two candidates running against Mr. Berman. I am tired of the nonsense going on, can we ask for a vote of no confidence In our Chair?

Can you hear this Reading? Or is the echo getting too loud?


Alicia Williams
Marla Lane

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