Dombroski Calls for Immediate Additional Funding for School Building Projects

State Senate Candidate and current Wakefield Town Councilor Ed Dombroski today called for immediate supplemental state funding for school building projects that are currently underway, pointing to significant unanticipated project cost increases that will otherwise create “crippling” financial burdens on Stoneham and other local communities.
Dombroski cites the new Stoneham High School currently under construction and the anticipated new Wakefield Memorial High School, in the final design phase, as two immediate examples. Both projects have been accepted into the Mass. School Building Authority (MSBA), the program where the state provides a certain percentage reimbursement of funding for new facilities and communities are responsible for the additional costs.  Voters in Reading already approved their nearly $190M high school project in November 2021 and Wakefield residents are expected to vote on their new high school in early 2023.
Dombroski pointed to inflation, supply chain issues, and labor shortages as complicating these projects, saying “It’s not fair for the residents of Stoneham to have to scramble to make cuts to their building project or find a way to somehow come up with millions more dollars to complete the project residents voted for.  The latest cost estimates put Wakefield on a very similar course,” adding that Beacon Hill needs to step up. 
“The state has a responsibility to follow through on its commitment to see these projects to completion, without a crippling additional cost to Stoneham or Wakefield taxpayers.  We have billions of dollars in record surplus revenue at the state level and federal Covid relief funds that should be directed toward these and other similar projects within our district.”
Dombroski says he has watched as members at the Stoneham School Building Committee meeting spend hours wrestling with changes to the project to respond to rising costs. “These dedicated residents have painstakingly reviewed this project and are doing all they can to respond to the current situation.  It shouldn’t have to be like this. As your next state Senator, I will do everything possible to be a strong voice advocating for the additional funding to come from the state, not the pockets of Stoneham taxpayers,” Dombroski said.  He added, “I’m disappointed my opponent, Senator Lewis has not been a leader on this issue after 13 years in the Legislature.  The Stoneham community deserves this project as was originally approved, and within the budget it had originally allocated.”  Dombroski added that he will be a strong advocate on Beacon Hill for his current Wakefield constituents who, like Stoneham residents, should not be forced to shoulder a greater financial burden for unanticipated building costs.  
Dombroski foresees similar issues arising with the proposed new Killam Elementary School in Reading, which is currently in the feasibility study phase with the MSBA. “There’s no question that, long term, we need to reevaluate the MSBA funding formula, generally.  The scope of what the state currently covers is way too narrow and cost ceilings unrealistic, leading to a low reimbursement percentage that is simply inadequate, placing too heavy a burden on local communities,” Dombroski said.  “But the most immediate issue right now is fighting for more funding to cover these sizeable funding gaps in projects that are in progress, especially Stoneham High School and the expected Wakefield project.  The Legislature needs to act, quickly.” Dombroski added.
Dombroski is an attorney and small business owner and has served on the Wakefield Town Council for six years. He is endorsed by Governor Charlie Baker. More information can be found at

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