Town Meeting Member Information

The following is a resident submitted article to The Reading Post for information about the 2022 local election.

I have found it difficult to determine which Town Meeting Member candidate I should vote for. The lack of information on the candidates left me clueless. In a typical year, a dozen or so individuals run for eight open spots. This year, with all 24 spots per precinct open due to redistricting, some precincts have over +40 individuals running! While I am happy to see so many folks wanting to participate in the town meeting and contribute to this town, the lack of information about the candidates needs a resolution.

I have created a website that lists statements/bio from candidates:

Candidates have an option of filling out a small google form (name, precinct, statement) by clicking the link on the home page. The form is also accessible by the following (shortened) link:

The website is nonpartisan. Candidates submit their statements, and I post them in an unaltered form on the website. The goal is to provide information to the voters. I hope that it helps you. 

Genady Pilyavsky
Harriman Ave
Precinct 7

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