Reading-North Reading Chamber of Commerce to Host Santa’s Holiday Tour

Reading, MA – The Reading-North Reading Chamber of Commerce announced that instead of hosting their traditional Holiday Tree Lighting Celebration, they would instead host a neighborhood parade featuring Santa! This event, known as Santa’s Holiday Tour, will be on Sunday, November 29, and run from 9 am – 1 pm. Santa’s Holiday Tour will travel to many neighborhoods in Reading and North Reading. The route will be posted in advance, and masks and social distancing will be required. The Reading tour is planned for approximately 9 – 11 am, and the North Reading Tour will be held from approximately. 11 am – 1 pm.

Chamber President Robin Krane remarked, “With so many other events and traditions being canceled, we are happy to offer Santa’s Holiday Tour, which will allow us to kick off the holiday season in a new, safe way. People are craving traditions and safe gatherings more than ever.”

Sponsorships for Santa’s Holiday Tour are available, which will be used to pay for the associated expenses with the Tour. The Chamber will light the common for all of December as they have in the past.

Santa’s Holiday Tour- Reading Route

Sunday, November 29th from approximately 9 am to 11 am. Masks are required and social distancing must be observed

1Meet at Homegoods44Left on Fairview Road
2Exit Homegoods lot
left on Franklin Street
45Right on Sunnyside Avenue
3Right on Dividence Road46Right on Melbourne Avenue
4Left on Emerson Road47Left on Summer Avenue
5Right on Franklin Street48Right on Pennsylvania Avenue
6Left on Blueberry Lane49Right on Red Gate Lane
7Left on Franklin Street50Left on Sylvan Road
8Right on William Road51Left on Pine Ridge Road
9Right on Kieran Road52Right on Gleason Road
10Right on Joseph Way53Right on Avalon Road
11Right on SanDrivea Lane54Left on Whitehall Lane
12Left on William Road55Left on James Road
13Right on Franklin Street56Right on Gleason Road
14Left on Van Norden Road57Left on South Street
15Left on Lindsey Lane58Right on Heather Drive
16Right on Fairchild Drive59Left on George Street
17Right on Main Street60Left on Curtis Street
18Right on Forest Street61Right on Walnut Street
19Right on Colburn Road62Right on Summer Avenue
20Left on Martin Road63Left on Main Street
21Right on Forest Street64Right on Cross Street
22Right on Spruce Road65Left on Ash Street
23Left on Marla Lane66Right on Main Street
24Right on Forest Street67Right on Green Street
25Left on Grove68Left on Eaton Street
26Left on Lowell Street69Right on Salem Street
27Left on Intervale Terrace70Left on Belmont Street
28Right on John Carver Road71Right on Charles Street
29Right on Puritan Road72Right on Timberneck Drive
30Left on Lowell Street73Left on Tamarack Road
31Right on Grand Street74Left on Wakefield Street
32Right on Middlesex Avenue75Right on Charles Street
33Right on Vine Street76Left on Dana Road
34Left on Mineral Street77Right on Colonial Drive
35Left on Summer Avenue78Left on Beaver Road
36Right on King Street79Left on Lucy Drive
37Left on Beverly Road80Right on Pearl Street
38Right on Woburn Street81Right on Eastway
39Right on West Street82Left on Granger Avenue
40Left on Wescroft Avenue83Left on Haverhill Street
41Left on County Road84Left on Batchelder Road
42Left on Howard Street
43Right on Summer Avenue*End of Parade NRPD takes over*

More information may be found at, by emailing Executive Director Lisa Egan, or by calling 978-664-5060.

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