Erin Gaffen: A Vote for Hope

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“Choose hope, not fear.” Erin Gaffen directed her appeal to the then-Board of Selectmen in 2018 as they debated how to frame the question on the ballot for an upcoming operational override. Thanks in large part to Erin’s leadership, vision, and clarity of purpose, the Board proceeded to vote to place one question on the ballot that would ultimately secure for the town and schools alike a level of adequate funding for the near-future.  They chose hope.

The ballot question was not easily won. Erin and her Co-Chair for Yes for Reading, Michele Sanphy, created and led an impressive organization of many volunteers from every precinct in town who worked tirelessly, going door-to-door, to convince their friends and neighbors of the serious need for this funding after years of cuts to town and school services.

Then and now, Erin Gaffen is driven by a desire to secure a strong future for the children of Reading. She is an excellent listener and has empathy in droves. She is willing to cross the lines that divide us, as she did when bringing all stakeholders to the table in advocating for the override. Yet empathy alone, as important as it is, can be no match for lived experience. And Erin will have a child in elementary, middle, AND high school in the fall. Parents, she gets it. She hears you. She is you.

When I think of Erin Gaffen taking a seat on the School Committee in March, I cannot help but feel hope for the future of our children and of our community. Please join me in casting your ballot for Erin Gaffen for School Committee on March 3rd this year.

Anne Landry
Center Avenue

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