Letter: School Committee Candidates Connection to “Finis Origine Pendet”

School Committee Candidates Connection to “Finis Origine Pendet”

Three ancient Latin words. Eighteen letters total. What is the connection between these three words and our town election for School Committee on April 2nd? Actually, there is a significant relationship between these words and the three candidates who are running for a seat on the School Committee. The three candidates I am referring to are Tom Wise, Chuck Robinson, and Alicia Williams (Write-In).

The instant I heard Tom Wise speak at a recent “Meet and Greet” informational gathering, I knew that he exemplified the meaning of a favorite phrase of mine – the motto of a local private school, which translated means the “end depends upon the beginning.” In other words, the way you end up in life depends upon your start. I was struck with Tom Wise’s astute emphasis on establishing policies and programs for early identification, intervention, and mediation for students experiencing literacy challenges in Grades K-3. He is absolutely correct. Tom possesses the research skills that verify the benefits of early explicit literacy instruction, the necessity for teacher support, and parental involvement. He is also well-versed in data analysis, budgetary management, and cost-saving strategies. With two of his children in the Reading Public Schools, Tom has been actively involved in school-related issues for several years and would be a tremendous asset to addressing the challenges facing Reading Schools in the near future. With Chuck Robinson and Tom Wise elected to three-year terms on the School Committee, I can envision thoughtful, reflective, competent, and transparent outcomes for the children and parents of Reading. Both these candidates understand the importance of establishing an academic climate where young students can develop the confidence and self-esteem that they will carry with them throughout their educational journey. Please join with me on April 2nd in electing Tom Wise and Chuck Robinson for three-year terms on the Reading School Committee.

In addition to the above mentioned three-year positions, a two-year seat is also open for a highly qualified “Write-In” candidate – Alicia Williams. Alicia is a dynamic and passionate advocate for quality education for ALL children. As a special education parent with extensive background knowledge of childhood disabilities, as well as her leadership role as former Co-Chair of the Special Education Advisory Council (SEPAC), Alicia is uniquely positioned to address topics such as dyslexia and ADHD. She has a real-world understanding of the challenges both students and parents face navigating special education regulations and often acts as a conduit for connecting families with the services they need. Alicia will be a tremendous asset as a two-year member on the school committee, especially since she has already attended SC meetings on a regular basis, has often asked the difficult questions, and has closely followed district initiatives. Alicia’s goals as a school committee member will focus on program accountability, fiscal responsibility, and effective communication. Therefore, it is without reservation that I wholeheartedly encourage all voters to join with me on April 2nd in placing Alicia Williams on the “Write-In” line for the two-year School Committee seat on April 2nd.

Eileen Litterio
Deborah Drive

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