LtE: Anonymity Has No Place in Our Elections

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Dear Neighbors

I received an anonymous leaflet under my doormat the other day that has me deeply concerned about our election, who is pulling the strings on our elected officials, and would like to know who is hiding behind the unsigned document. For those unaware of the leave behind, it was sent by “a group of local residents who believe in the importance of community service. [They] would be honored to represent [me] in making Reading a welcoming, inclusive, sustainably-focused and fiscally-mindful town.” It is signed “This has been sponsored by former Town Meeting members and has not been paid for by campaign committees.” The document goes on to highlight who I am supposed to vote for – omitting many incredible, smart, and well intentioned neighbors who deserve the honor to serve.

I find it appalling that a group of former town meeting members who would be honored to represent me lack the honor and courage to sign their names to this document. Why is this letter unsigned? What are they afraid of? I, for one, want my elected officials to act with honor, integrity, and transparency not only in leading our local government, but in the run up to the elections too. I do not want them hiding behind an unsigned letter. Haven’t we had enough issues with lack of transparency lately???

Without knowing who is behind this (and it is fairly clear who is based on who I am being told to vote for), I have zero interest in supporting these cowardly individuals for any office. I will be voting with my head for those who truly want to do good in and for our wonderful town, not those who are looking to sow the seeds of division. Integrity matters and we need to make sure we keep ours. See you at the polls

Gary Baker
Evergreen Road

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