Reading Partners with Black Earth to Expand Compost Pick-Up

Reading Residents Can Now Divert Their Food Scraps from the Trash and Turn Them into Compost from Their Curb

Reading, MA — Reading’s Department of Public Works (DPW) is partnering with Black Earth Compost to offer residents curbside food-waste pickup. Residents who enroll in the program will receive a free starter kit, including a 13-gallon bin and (15) 13-gallon compostable liners ($30.50 VALUE). 

Thanks to this program, enrollments in Reading have shot up, and the Town has reached the first price-break level of 300 subscribers! The enrollment or renewal fee in this optional program is now $69.99 for six months or $12.99 per month—reduced 30% from the original $99.99/$17.99 fee. 

When 500 Reading households have enrolled, the price will drop again for new and renewing subscribers: $59.99/6 months or $11.99/month.

What is Black Earth Compost and what do they do? 

Black Earth Compost collects organic waste from over 100 cities and towns in Eastern Massachusetts and turns it into nutrient-rich compost for use on local farms and backyard gardens. Service includes pickup of certified compostable products and food waste—such as fruit and vegetable scraps, meat, bones, dairy, and even soiled pizza boxes. The finished compost is put to use on farms and backyards gardens to grow more food and replenish local soil health. Black Earth’s motto is Compost. Grow. Eat. Repeat…

Why is composting important?

Food-waste composting can help alleviate three environmental and municipal crises: 

  • The cost of waste disposal is increasing. Food waste makes up 30-40% of the waste stream. It is the heaviest component of the waste stream, and removing it can save money on trash fees.
  • The depletion of topsoil continues. Compost returns valuable nutrients and microorganisms to depleted soil.
  • Increasing CO2 emissions contribute to climate change. Compost is an ideal means to pull CO2 out of the air by growing strong plants and storing carbon in the soil long term.

Reading residents can take action on these issues by subscribing to Black Earth Compost.

How do I sign up for Reading’s Composting Program? 

  1. Visit to sign up (Reading Residents Only)
  2. Call or email the Town of Reading DPW office to arrange to pick up your free compost bin and bags: 781-942-9077 or
  3. Line your bin and fill it up 
  4. Put your bin curbside on Thursday mornings by 6:45 am
  5. Black Earth Compost will provide you with a voucher for one free 40-lb bag of compost per year, available at select garden centers. Check website for locations: to buy

What can be put in the compost bin?

What are the benefits of composting? 

For more information on Black Earth Compost go to https:/

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