Milaschewski Chosen as Superintendent

Reading, MA — With a vote of 5-1, the School Committee voted to appoint Tom Milaschewski as the new superintendent of schools to begin on July 1, contingent on a successful contract negotiation. School Committee member John Parks was the only dissenting vote, having stated a preference for Stephen Zadrevec.

Members of the committee were exuberant in their praise of Milaschewski. All five members who voted in favor of him referred to the site visits as what separated him from the other two finalists. School Committee member Tom Wise stated that “Leadership oozes from him.” Chair Chuck Robinson agreed, adding that his “level of energy is off the charts.” Member Shawn Brandt commented, “I’ve never heard more effusive praise  for a candidate.” 

Several members were impressed by his professional development credentials and connections to his staff. Members stated that Milaschewski seems like a leader who would aid in the growth of all staff in the district. Brandt referred to the “raves” about his professional development approach in Medford. “He motivated people on all levels.” Member Carla Nazzaro pointed out.

Committee members also commented on how personable Milaschewski seems to be. Robinson stated that he is a “real person first and foremost.” Member Erin Gaffen shared how the site visit was “full of excitement.” She also shared that his Harvard advisor referred to him as the “top candidate they have seen in a long time.” Several referenced the broad range of references who spoke highly of him, Nazzaro commenting that in his site visit, he had multiple superintendents, many former staff and students, and two mayors ready to speak in his favor.

Despite all this, Robinson was impressed with his humility. “He does not come across as the smartest person in the room” while commenting that Milaschewski is also “not a lone ranger; he will rely on people.” Brandt noted that he “really did his homework about Reading.”

After the vote, Robinson called to officially offer the position to Milaschewski, who then  shared that he was “very thankful and excited to accept.”

Milaschewski is currently the superintendent resident in the Medford Public Schools and will complete his doctorate this spring. He is also an adjunct professor at Salem State University, Gordon College, and Endicott College, as well as a district consultant for the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He is a former elementary school principal in Salem, MA, and also was a high school math teacher. Milaschewski began his career as a middle school special education teacher.

The School Committee adjourned to executive session at 8:00 pm.

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