Reading Police &Fire Log September 7-9, 2020

Reading, MA — Below are highlights from the Reading Police & Fire Log

Monday, September 7, 2020

  • 7:36am – Charles Street Resident Complains Regarding Neighbor Playing Music During Overnight.
  • 9:24am – Report of Lost Gold Wedding and Diamond Engagement Rings.
  • 9:29am – Lift Assist for Archstone Circle Resident.
  • 11:26am – Alarm at RMHS.
  • 12:33pm – Investigation of Still Fire Alarm on White Oaks Lane.
  • 2:49pm – Landers Road Resident Reports Being Followed by a Suspicious Person.
  • 3:13pm – Report of Multiple People Possibly in Woods with Guns on Terrace Park.
  • 5:55pm – Lost Key Fob Reported Missing on Strout Avenue.
  • 6:00pm – Libby Avenue Resident Reports Sewage Backing Up into Sinks and Toilets.
  • 7:16pm – Smoke Alarm Activation on Pleasant Street.
  • 7:29pm – Investigation of Multi-Car Crash on Lowell Street.
  • 11:13pm – Report of Noise and Trash in the Playground Area of Barrows Elementary School.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

  • 3:57am – Smoke Alarm Activation at Dividence Road Residence. No Smoke, No Fire.
  • 5:42am – Charles Street Resident Complains Regarding Neighbor Playing Music at Night.
  • 6:13am – Report that the Library was Egged Sometime Overnight.
  • 6:58am – Grove Street Resident Reports Damaged Sign on Front Lawn.
  • 8:40am – Disabled Motor Vehicle on Salem Street.
  • 9:32pm – Bancroft Street Resident Reports Past Hit & Run.
  • 10:17am – Milepost Road Residents Complain Neighbor Cut Tree Branches on Their Property.
  • 11:57am – West Street Resident Assisted with Faulty Detector.
  • 11:58am – Report of Lost Rechargeable Lawn Mower Battery in Birch Meadow Area.
  • 11:59am – Chapel Hill Drive Resident Reports Fraudulent Unemployment Claim.
  • 12:32pm – Franklin Street Resident Reports Fraudulent Unemployment Claim.
  • 12:55pm – Archstone Circle Resident Reports Vehicle Struck While Parked in Lot.
  • 3:56pm – Investigation of Two-Car Crash on Lowell Street.
  • 4:05pm – Report of Smoke in Prescott Street Area.
  • 4:52pm – Silent Distress Alarm at Main Street Business.
  • 4:56pm – Report of Dog Locked in Vehicle at Salem Street Parking Lot.
  • 5:00pm – Forest Street Resident Reports Unauthorized PayPal Charges.
  • 6:08pm – Verbal Warning for Speed Issued on Lowell Street.
  • 6:41pm – Whittier Road Resident Reports Finding Dog.
  • 7:34pm – Verbal Warning Issued for Speed on Lowell Street.
  • 8:34pm – Report of Lost Kitten on Pearl Street.
  • 9:10pm – Verbal Warning Issued for Headlight Violation on Lowell Street.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

  • 12:32am – Main Street Resident Reports Person Entering Apartment and Scratching Couch.
  • 7:07am – Fire Alarm Activation at Main Street Business.
  • 8:30am – Private Investigator in the Forest Street Area.
  • 9:10am – Fire Drill Conducted at Austin Preparatory School.
  • 9:42am – Hopkins Street Resident Reports Odor of Gas.
  • 9:59am – Verbal Warning Issued for Red Light Violation on Haven Street.
  • 10:16am – Report of Suspicious Person Walking Down Middle of Road on Mineral Street.
  • 1:50pm – Haverhill Street Resident Reports Fraudulent Unemployment Claim.
  • 2:28pm – Investigation of Vehicle Crash on New Crossing Road.
  • 2:37pm – Report of Traffic Issue Arising During Student Pick-up at Austin Preparatory School.
  • 3:04pm – Text-a-Tip Report of a Suspicious Person in Hurlburt Road Area all Day.
  • 3:37pm – Summer Avenue Resident Reports Hearing Banging Noises on Second Floor.
  • 4:16pm – Main Street Resident Reports Finding Apartment and Sliding Doors Open.
  • 9:46pm – Smoke Alarm Activation at Prospect Street Residence.
  • 10:02pm – Fairchild Drive Resident Reports Attempted Unemployment Fraud.
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