Letter: Five Activities During the Pandemic

Dear Editor,

I am a freshman at Reading Memorial High School.  At this time, people are very stressed and anxious about COVID-19.  Given that students like myself are home all day, it is important to keep your brain and body active. Here are five kinds of activities that I recommend and hope to follow myself:

  1. Physical activity/Exercise: Exercise is great for your health.  It boosts your immune system, improves muscle strength, helps you maintain a healthy weight, and most of all it lowers stress, which we are all feeling these days. Examples include running outside (keep a safe distance from others), doing push-ups, or sit-ups.
  2. Academic: Learning improves the function of the brain and keeps you alert.  Most students might not like the idea of doing schoolwork when they are out of school, but I think you can find ways to learn something that interests you and sharpens your mind.  For example, as someone interested in fitness, I have been watching fitness and nutrition-related documentaries, as well as reading a sports nutrition book.  Pick a book of something you are interested in.  You can use this time to review things from the school year you found challenging.
  3. Socialize:  Since we cannot hang out physically, it is hard for any student to be without their friends.  But we can still be social.  Facetime, text, or call a friend.  Play an online game with a friend.  
  4. Be creative: Use this as a time to do something fun and maybe something you never had time to do before.  Bake, pick up a guitar, draw or paint.  For example, I am trying to come up with clever jokes to keep my family laughing. 
  5. Meditate:  Take at least a couple minutes of your day to sit in silence and just think about your day in a calm fashion.  Focus on ONE thing.  Take deep breaths and know that life will be normal again.

Roman Olivardia 
RMHS Class of 2023  

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