Letter: Bacci for Select Board: The Best Person, The Best Time, The Best for Reading

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Two words. Seven letters. A world of meaning – Non Sibi. For anyone familiar with university mottos, these two simple Latin words signify the caring culture and lofty values educational settings intend to impart to all who enter their hallowed halls.

Fortunately for Reading voters, there is one candidate running for the Select Board who perfectly embodies the meaning of this phrase, which translated is: Not for Oneself. Carlo’s singular goal is to be of service to the people of Reading: the families, the children, the young, the elderly, and anyone who calls upon him. He possesses all the human, personal, and professional qualities that will make him an effective, competent, and remarkable public servant. He will bring to the Board a refreshing and much-needed sense of authenticity, sincerity, and understanding, all of which are hallmarks of his ability to listen, reflect, and arrive at the best possible decisions for our Reading community. Carlo harbors no hidden agendas. He has one all-important agenda: that is, to be available with an open mind and heart to respond to the needs, concerns, and ideas brought to his attention by residents from every corner of a town we love to call our home.

I have known Carlo and his family for a number of years and can personally attest that he is superbly qualified to assume the duties incumbent upon him as a Select Board member. In my interactions with Carlo, I find him to be an extremely knowledgeable, informed, and active member of our community. With his experience in the business sector, in addition to his ability to work collaboratively with diverse groups in problem-solving strategies, it is abundantly clear that he is uniquely positioned to become a Select Board member who will advocate and work tirelessly to represent all Reading residents fairly and honorably. It is with complete confidence that I strongly endorse Carlo’s candidacy for membership on the Select Board and urge the electorate to vote for Carlo Bacci on March 3rd with the full knowledge that he is a living example of the Non Sibi motto. Carlo will devote his time, talents, and energy to advocate for YOU and for what is BEST for Reading.

Most sincerely,

Eileen S. Litterio
Deborah Drive

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