Letter: Erin Calvo-Bacci Probably Owes You an Apology

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I was surprised when I heard Erin Calvo-Bacci is running for State Senate because only a month before she decided to represent our town, she had so tastelessly and publicly attacked such a large number of her constituents on social media.

If you went to the Women’s March, you were one of them.

When some local individuals discovered a grassroots organization called the POP Huddle had developed out of the Women’s March, conspiracy theories abounded: We conducted meetings in secret (we meet at the library), had connections to dark money (does that $5 bill I found in my winter coat pocket count?), and our name did not stand for Powerful Organized People as stated in our fliers, but something that would earn me a scolding from my mother.

I concur this crude alternative name would have provided far more interesting tee shirt opportunities, but when the person that spreads the lie turns out to be a far-right Republican candidate for State Senate, it stops being funny.

Erin Calvo-Bacci stated on a public Facebook page, usually reserved for dog grooming recommendations, that if you attended the Women’s March, you want women to be over men. That we are man-haters. She believes we should have a disgusting name, because our agenda, filled with equality for all, affordable healthcare, and a living wage disgusts her.

If you went to the Women’s March, or believe in that cause, she was talking about you too.

Laura Wilson
Reading, MA

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