School Committee Holds Executive Session

The School Committee met in Executive Session for over two hours and forty-five minutes on Wednesday, June 13 to reportedly discuss two issues. The first to be addressed, centered on a legal complaint filed by resident Rebecca Liberman regarding an alleged open meeting law violation at the committee’s May 7 meeting. Liberman claims that the presentation on the District Improvement Plan Superintendent’s Goals End of Year Update was given when not listed as such on the published agenda. She states in the formal complaint that she would like a public hearing to be held regarding the presentation with the typical forty-eight hours notice. She would also like the performance evaluation of the Superintendent, scheduled for June 18, to be postponed until after the public hearing takes place.

The second issue was to discuss complaints brought to the board by a group of parents regarding Superintendent John Doherty. The board returned to regular session and Vice-Chair Elaine Webb issued a statement sharing that the committee had addressed the legal issue and had reached the conclusion that no violation had occurred as described in the complaint and that they would be directing their legal counsel to respond to the Attorney General regarding their conclusion.

No statement was given regarding the discussion about the Doherty complaint. The School Committee adjourned at 10:00 pm.


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