Walk Reading Weekend

What is Walk Reading Weekend? It’s a chance for every resident of Reading to get out and enjoy Reading’s streets, neighborhoods and trails. Do you do that every weekend? Perfect. Spring is here. Maybe you are looking for a new route or adventure. Maybe you are just starting to think about getting out more. It’s a great time to explore. Do you have to join something to participate? No. But there are opportunities to do so. 

On May 20 and 21, join Walkable Reading, the Reading Trails Committee, the Reading Open Land Trust (ROLT), and your fellow “Readingites” by getting outside and moving. You don’t need to go to another town to have great walking, hiking, biking, or running experiences. So if you have a regular exercise routine, just go out and do it. And how about inviting a neighbor or friend to go with you? Is your weekend filled with events already? That’s OK. Why not walk to that little league or soccer game, or to the plant sale on the Common? Too far? What about biking there? And why not walk to services on Saturday or Sunday? 

If you’d like to explore someplace new, check out the “Maps” link on the Town website www.readingma.gov to find maps of the Town Forest, conservation areas, ROLT properties, and neighborhood walks. If you would like to join with a few other folks, there are some great opportunities on both Saturday and Sunday. See the town website for a list of times and locations of scheduled events.

As a reminder to others of the events, put on something red – a Red Sox or Patriots hat, Reading Rockets t-shirt, scarf, etc. And to let everyone know how “fit” Reading is, we’ll total up the miles at the end of the weekend. All you need to do is report how far you went. You don’t need a tracker. A good estimate will do. There is no number too small. Log onto the Walkable Reading Facebook page, or Trails Facebook page, or email us at walkablereading@comcast.net and tell us how far you walked, biked, hiked, or ran. We’ll total the miles. In years past we’ve gone the distance equivalent to traveling to Reading, PA. Maybe this year we’ll make it to Reading, CA.

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