Reading Takes Root for the Future

The Town of Reading is proud of its “Taking Root for the Future” shade tree planting program. The tree planting program offers an opportunity for members of the community to help beautify Reading and recognize a person or event with the planting of a shade tree.

Any person, business, group, or organization may sponsor a tree and be recognized on the town’s commemorative plaque located in the Town Hall and on the town of Reading website. Residents may be celebrating a birth, a graduation or wedding, or may donate in memory of a loved one, to acknowledge a business, a group, or an organization.

Reading’s publicly owned trees are a capital asset and are as important as its streets, sidewalks, public buildings, and recreational facilities. In addition to the advantage of sponsorship, the community will enjoy the numerous benefits of the trees for generations to come.

A sponsorship contribution of $300 pays for one tree, it’s planting, and care, as well as a plate on the commemorative plaque displayed in the Town Hall. Please note that the planting location for an individual tree cannot be specified. Acknowledgement of sponsorship will be through the town plaque and the website. For more information, or to sponsor a tree, contact the Public Works Department at 781-942-9077.


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