What’s That Sound? Night Construction on MWRA Water Line


In response to a number of resident complaints about construction noise at night, the Reading Town Hall is issuing this statement about the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) project to install a 36” water line on Main Street, Route 28, from South to Hopkins Street.

MWRA is in the process of constructing a substantial water line in the area listed above. The work was initially projected to last two weeks and construction began on October 2nd. Contractors begin work each evening at 9PM and finish the following morning at approximately 5AM. This schedule is designed not to cause significant traffic interruptions along the state route. The evening work is a requirement of the MassDOT permit to install the water line. Additionally, since the work is done overnight, adequate lighting is required to maintain the safety of crews in the trench and in the right-of-way along Rt. 28.

In recent days, crews encountered ledge in the project trench near the road surface running approximately 4 feet deep.  Borings taken before construction commenced did not indicate the presence of ledge rock. As a result, the project is slowed as crews use a hydraulic hammer mounted on an excavator to break the ledge. On the evening of October 18 crews only made about twenty feet of progress, with a projected 800 feet to go. Blasting operations are not allowed in this area, so the only way to mitigate the ledge is through the use of the hydraulic hammer.

Project officials with the MWRA indicate that the presence of ledge could diminish at any time and will notify the town should that occur.  At this time, construction is expected to continue for a month.

If you have any questions please contact Jeff McLaughlin with MWRA at 617-305-5762.

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