Walkers Brook Drive Redesign Survey: Shaping the Future Together

READING, MA –The Town of Reading announces the launch of the Alternatives for Walkers Brook Drive Redesign Survey, a pivotal step towards revitalizing one of our community’s key corridors. Earlier this year, community members shared their feedback to assist the design team at Kimley-Horn in producing the alternative designs; which were shared with the community in a public meeting on February 2, 2024. The Alternatives for Walkers Brook Drive Redesign Survey seeks to gather invaluable input from residents, business owners, and commuters about potential design alternatives, intersection improvements, and overall priorities for the Walker’s Brook Drive corridor.

Walkers Brook Drive has long been a vital artery in our community, serving not just as a thoroughfare but as a hub of activity, commerce, and connection. Recognizing its significance, the Town of Reading is committed to ensuring that its redesign not only meets the current needs of our community but also anticipates its future growth and aspirations.

Why Your Input Matters

The redesign of Walkers Brook Drive presents a unique opportunity to enhance safety, improve traffic flow, increase accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists, and beautify the area. However, achieving these goals is only possible with a clear understanding of the community’s needs and preferences.

 The public’s participation in the Walkers Brook Drive Redesign Survey will enable the design team to:

  • Identify Preferred Design Alternatives: Understand which design elements are most valued by the community, ensuring that the final plans reflect collective preferences.
  • Prioritize Intersection Improvements: Determine which intersections require urgent attention and what types of enhancements (e.g., traffic signals, roundabouts, pedestrian crossings) are most desired.
  • Align with Community Priorities: Ensure that the redesign aligns with the broader goals of our community, such as enhancing environmental sustainability, supporting local businesses, and promoting active transportation.

How to Participate

The Walkers Brook Drive Redesign Survey is available online at https://cvent.me/wD3ZwN and will be open until May 31, 2024. The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and is accessible to everyone in the community. We strongly encourage every resident, business owner, and frequent visitor to share their insights and help shape the future of Walkers Brook Drive.

Next Steps

Upon closing the survey, the design team will meticulously analyze the feedback and integrate it into the development of a preferred set of improvements and present them to the Town.

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