Governor Healey Reunites Red Sox 2004 Championship Team with ‘Reversed the Curse’ Sign to Celebrate 20th Anniversary of World Series Win

Governor Healey, Mayor Wu, and DCR Commissioner Arrigo Ride Duck Boat with Original Road Sign that was Famously Spray-Painted to Say “Reverse the Curse,” Becoming a Symbol of 2004 Series 

BOSTON In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Red Sox winning the 2004 World Series, Governor Maura Healey today joined Boston Mayor Michelle Wu, Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) Commissioner Brian Arrigo, the 2004 Championship Team and the famous “Reversed the Curse” road sign. The sign, originally a DCR road sign that hung off the Longfellow Bridge on Storrow Drive warning drivers of a curve in the road ahead, was famously repeatedly spray-painted by Red Sox fans to say “Reverse the Curse,” in reference to the curse that plagued the team after the sale of Babe Ruth and prevented them from winning the World Series from 1918 until 2004.  

Governor Mitt Romney removed the sign on October 28, 2004, the day after the Sox swept the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series, ending the curse and winning their first championship since 1918, but before it was removed, the sign was updated by a fan to say “Reversed the Curse.” 

“Massachusetts has the best sports fans in the country – we are dedicated and determined – especially Red Sox fans like those who continuously added their rallying call to end the curse to this sign,” said Governor Healey. “I’m excited to be joining the 2004 championship team, who broke the 86-year-curse for their fans, as we celebrate that history-making win and reunite them with this symbol of their fans who never gave up.”  

“As a lifelong Red Sox fan who remembers well what a treasured landmark the sign became for the City, I’m thrilled we are reuniting the members of the iconic 2004 World Series Championship team with this piece of nostalgia to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the end of the curse,” said DCR Commissioner Brian Arrigo. “Our team at DCR is proud that one of our signs played such a pivotal role in Red Sox history.” 

“Red Sox Opening Day marks the start of spring in Boston, when residents across the city come together with excitement and renowned dedication to our teams and our city,” said Boston Mayor Michelle Wu. “I’m so grateful to celebrate the 2004 Championship team today, marking the joy, celebration and community they embody for our city and bringing back the beloved Reversed the Curse sign.” 

“There are many subtle ways New England sports fans show their fandom and help unite communities in ways that are truly special,” said Red Sox President Sam Kennedy. “The famous Storrow Drive sign is a testament to the passion and creativity of our fans, turning a simple road sign into a symbol of hope, perseverance, and ultimately, triumph over adversity. ‘Reverse the curse’ embodied the collective spirit of Red Sox Nation and we thank Governor Healey and Commissioner Arrigo for this gesture as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the 2004 Championship team.” 

After reuniting the team with the iconic sign, Gov. Healey, Commissioner Arrigo and the team rode to Opening Day in a duck boat bearing the sign.  

There were multiple versions of the sign over the years – each time it was spray-painted by fans, DCR would replace it with a new “Reverse the Curve” sign to warn drivers. The sign became symbol of Red Sox fans’ devotion to their beloved team and their hope for a win. 

The sign is on loan to the Sox who hope to put it on display for fans to visit during this anniversary year.

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