Representative Haggerty attends Mystic Valley Elder Services Annual Legislative Breakfast

BOSTON – State Representative Richard M. Haggerty (D-Woburn) joined fellow legislators, mayors, and community members at the Mystic Valley Elder Services’ (MVES) annual Legislative Breakfast. The event focused on the organization’s budget needs, legislative priorities and the vital services provided to older adults.

“Mystic Valley Elder Services plays such an important role in supporting our community’s seniors and their families,” said Representative Haggerty. “It was invaluable to hear directly from MVES leadership, staff and consumers about the incredible work they do, and the continued funding needed to meet the growing demand for services like home care, hospice support and residential assistance.”

Representative Haggerty along the state legislators and MVES executive members

During the breakfast, MVES Transitional Care and Nursing Director Lisa Jimenez, RN, shared a presentation highlighting the array of services offered, including hospice care, and invited consumer Patricia Bainton to speak about how MVES has positively impacted her life by providing diabetes and nutrition support.

Lisa Gurgone, Chief Executive Officer of MVES, emphasized budget priorities for the upcoming fiscal year to adequately fund critical programs that support older adults, people with disabilities and their caregivers.

MVES is one of the Aging Services Access Points (ASAP) in Massachusetts that receives funding through the Elder Supportive Housing initiative to work in partnership with local housing authorities to embed Resident Service Coordinators within housing sites. Brian Snell, former Reading resident, serves as MVES board chair.

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