Ukrainian Egg Sale March 30th 

Pysanky By Dianne

Reading, MA – Fans of the former Hot Spot in Reading may remember the holiday displays of beautiful Pysanky handcrafted by the talented artist Dianne Foulds. 

Pysanky is an art form that dates back to antiquity. The Ukrainian Pysanky (which means to write) is made with a stylus, using the ancient batik method, which has been handed down from mother to daughter for generations. 

Dianne learned the craft from her sister-in-law, who learned from her mother. She has honed her skills and artistry for over fifty years. The results are amazing works of art that can be collected or given as gifts, especially at Easter time.

Dianne has used portions from her egg sales to benefit Ukrainians in crisis. She has donated to World Central Kitchen to help feed Ukrainian refugees. Earlier this month, she donated a class to the Refugee Community Alliance Ukrainian Support Project Trivia Night held at Reading’s St. Agnes Church.

The sale will take place at 2 Bancroft St. in Lynnfield from 1 to 4 on Saturday, March 30th.

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