Statement From Chair of the Library Trustees Regarding Bomb Threat

A Statement from Patrick T. Egan, Chair, Reading Public Library Board of Trustees

Reading, MA—Today, the Reading Public Library received a bomb threat, stating a device would detonate during the heart of a family Pride storytime on a busy Saturday morning.

All staff and visitors quickly evacuated the building with no incident. Reading Public Safety and Law Enforcement found the building safe after a thorough investigation. At the request of library staff, the building reopened at 1:00 p.m. to continue serving our community.

Public libraries are sanctuaries for our entire community. Any threats to libraries and staff are attacks on intellectual freedom and open societies. Libraries serve all. Threats that seek to ostracize and marginalize members of our community are repellent, cowardly, and un-American.

We will not be silenced, nor will we curtail our mission to serve all, including the LGBTQIA+ community. Today, we stand with the brave members of our entire professional library staff and volunteers who serve our neighbors day in and day out. Further, we thank the hard work and dedication of Police Chief Clark, Fire Chief Burns, and their entire departments for their diligence today and all days, ensuring our library is a safe, open space.

I ask you to stand with our Library, staff, and town against violent threats to our institutions, neighbors, and families.

Patrick T. Egan

The Reading Public Library is committed to evolving together to strengthen communication, equity,
collaboration, and learning in our community. Our mission is to be a center and resource for learning
and civic engagement. We provide a place and platform of, by, and for the people who can benefit as
individuals as well as contribute to the well-being of the community. We work to achieve these goals
and commitments by focusing on education, equity, accountability, and access

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