Reading Sticks with Incumbents

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Presidential Primary Turnout 41.8%; Local Election Turnout 35%

Reading, MA — With the unofficial results having been tallied, Reading voters chose to stick with the incumbents in the races for Select Board and School Committee. In the contest for the one available seat on the Select Board, incumbent Christopher Haley collected 3,664 votes to challenger Tara Gregory’s 3,166. Haley won six precincts, with Gregory winning two.

In the School Committee race, where two seats were up for election, incumbent Sarah McLaughlin received the most votes with 4,136. Incumbent Shawn Brandt came in second with 3,628 votes, and challenger Dana Guarino finished third with 3,100 votes. Guarino did not finish in the top two spots in any of Reading’s eight precincts.

Alan Foulds won his 28th consecutive one-year term as Moderator with 5,327 votes. Andrew Grimes, with 4,627 votes, and Andrew Gregory, with 4,246 votes, will both serve on the Library Board of Trustees. Both Pamela Dakalakis, who received 4,652 votes, and Raymond Porter, with 4,410 votes, were elected to the Reading Municipal Light Department Board of Commissioners.

In the presidential primary, Reading Republicans chose to support former President Donald Trump with 1,942 votes, while former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley received 1,675 votes. Democratic voters overwhelmingly supported President Joe Biden in his reelection bid with 3,998 votes.

All results will be unofficial until the election is certified by Town Clerk Laura Gemme later this week.

Precinct One – 3-year term
CandidateVotesUnconfirmed Winner
Grace Lynn Arena451*
Roy A Benjamin Jr492*
Nancy Anne Docktor526*
Andrew J Fotino378*
Deborah Dedrick Hattery411*
David W Pinette396*
Karen E Pinette410*
Antonio Aufiero395*
Brian P Bowe373
Kevin Leete306
Timothy A Mathieu237
Michael Nazzaro358
Shaun C Neville319
James F Rigney350
Francis William Silvestri370
Blank Votes2,923
Precinct One – 1-year term
CandidateVotesUnconfirmed Winner
Sarah EG Littlefield415*
James Vincent Martin340
Blank Votes332
Precinct Two – 3-year term
CandidateVotesUnconfirmed Winner
David A Craven415*
Susan S Craven426*
Christine Lorranine Ford456*
Michael A Storti377*
Mark SalvatoreKurt Ventura350*
Laura Faye Wilson411*
Andrew John Gregory357*
Tara Jean Gregory393*
Matthew W McLeod330
Boriana Lynn Milenova283
Boris Nusinov239
Precinct Two – 1-year term
CandidateVotesUnconfirmed Winner
Jessica Lynn Noblie-Gibbs506*
Precinct Three – 3-year term
CandidateVotesUnconfirmed Winner
Eric Joh Bergstrom454*
Tara Anne Giardina473*
Rachel Dalton Hitch487*
Joseph J Sarofeen419*
Frank Farhad Touserkani401*
Precinct Four – 3-year term
CandidateVotesUnconfirmed Winner
Sarah H Brukilacchio502*
Ann M Cruickshank499*
Christoper Scott Feudo476*
Jeffrey Paul Jadul450*
Marianne McLaughlin Downing455*
Mary Christine Kwiatek Paxton508*
Elizabeth Cummings Shurlan501*
Michael Neely Coltman429*
Dana Thomas Guarino423
Precinct Five – 3-year term
CandidateVotesUnconfirmed Winner
Angela F Binda529*
Sherilla A Lestrade521*
Nancy J Ziemlak530*
Philip B Pacino566*
Rick Shaffer496*
Julie A Talbot519*
Neil R Taylor471*
Precinct Six – 3-year term
CandidateVotesUnconfirmed Winner
Jesse D Arnold532*
Barry Craig Berman544*
Ann Elizabeth Gullotti454*
Daniel R Malone570*
Etain H ODea535*
Mary Ellen ONeill553*
Kerri Perry440*
Anne M Rand425*
Precinct Seven – 3-year term
CandidateVotesUnconfirmed Winner
Mark Delaney633*
Charles V Donnelly Moran501*
Kerry Crehan Dunnell551*
Pamela S Goodale524*
Gina Beck McCormick526*
Carolyn R Whiting504*
Brook W Chipman250
Christopher Robert DiMattei265
Marcel A Dubois218
Amanda L Haley345
Christopher Haley360
Michael P Lacey522*
Jeffrey W Struble463*
Blank Votes2,268
Precinct Eight – 3-year term
CandidateVotesUnconfirmed Winner
Kendra JG Cooper369*
Eileen Shine Litterio388*
Todd L Merkle354*
Thomas C Oconnor383*
Vanessa Silva366*
Joshua Solomon Goldlust318*
Stephen W Herrick341*
Bruce Alexander Mackenzie316
Emily C McNaughton350*
Meredith C Reid313
Michael D Wick295


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