Pam Daskalakis Announces Reading Municipal Light Department Campaign

With enthusiasm, I am seeking to retain my seat on the RMLD Board of Commissioners. Following my appointment to the Board in July of 2023, I am eager to extend my service for a full three-year term.

Leveraging over two decades of experience in Supply Chain management, my focus on the Board has been fostering collaboration with the RMLD leadership team and my fellow Commissioners to advance the mission of providing reliable, low-cost, non-carbon energy to customers. What began as an interest has evolved into a passion, driven by my belief that local choices influence the global transition away from carbon-based energy. I approach this mission with both ambition and fiscal responsibility at the top of my mind.

The goals provided by the 2021 Climate Law in Massachusetts serve as a guide for our energy transition efforts, and my role on the board will actively support meeting these goals. This includes identifying opportunities to mitigate the costs associated with transitioning to non-carbon-based energy as much as possible. My efforts include finding ways to create more efficient procurement processes to meet the goal in a low-cost manner. After I requested a review of the non-carbon energy certificate program, the Board and RMLD leadership identified ways to cost-effectively meet the 50% non-carbon energy source goal six years ahead of schedule, keeping the associated increase on the average bill to less than 70 cents while maintaining the same level of service and reliability RMLD customers expect.   

Additionally, I am committed to working with the RMLD leadership team to continue to provide options for customers looking for ways to reduce energy usage, lower their costs, and decarbonize their own daily lives. Programs I will focus on supporting include the Renewable Choice program, providing education and access to rebates for heat pumps and solar panels, and upgrading to time-of-use meters, allowing customers to adjust their personal energy use to lower-cost time periods. 

Throughout its history, RMLD has stood as a leader and innovator amongst Municipal Light departments in the Commonwealth. From early in-territory power generation, to expanding services across four towns and embracing cutting-edge technologies, RMLD has consistently demonstrated forward-thinking principles. This approach has resulted in tangible benefits for ratepayers, maintaining competitive rates relative to our peers while prioritizing reliability. As we navigate the transition towards diversified, non-carbon energy sources, I am committed to supporting the culture of innovation at RMLD while focusing on managing the cost to innovate as responsibly as possible and maintaining the high level of service customers rely upon. I ask for your vote to allow me to continue this mission, on or before Tuesday, March 5th

Thank you for your consideration.  

Pamela Elizabeth Daskalakis
Lilah Lane

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