LtE: Vote in Town Election on March 5th

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My name is Anne Rand and I have lived in Reading with my family for 37 years. I urge everyone in the Town of Reading to vote in the March 5th town election. Town elections are the most important elections for any citizen. All the town services are budgeted and town by-laws are determined by the people we elect to serve on our Select Board, School Committee and Town Meeting. 

All town services affect our daily life.  If you don’t know what each candidate stands for; look on their website or watch the Candidates Night on RCTV.  (Select Board on February 22nd at 7:30 P.M. and the School Committee on February 26th at 7:30 P.M.)  I am not endorsing any candidate for any office but I am running for Town Meeting in Precinct 6.  However, my main message is VOTE IN THE TOWN ELECTION!!

Anne Rand
Woburn Street

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