Reading Police Log February 5-6, 2024

READING, MA – Excerpts from the Reading Police and Fire log:

Monday, February 5, 2024

  • 5:51am – All-night parking citations issued.
  • 6:02am – Traffic enforcement on Lowell Street.
  • 7:24am – Investigation of a two-vehicle crash on Lowell Street. No injuries reported.
  • 8:14am – Follow-up phone call with a Pasture Road resident.
  • 10:57am – Disabled tractor-trailer unit near the Haverhill Street rotary.
  • 1:16pm – Traffic enforcement on Ash Street.
  • 2:02pm – Traffic enforcement on West Street.
  • 2:14pm – Dog running loose on Main Street.
  • 2:38pm – Abigail Way resident reports fraud.
  • 3:06pm – Investigation of a two-vehicle crash on Salem Street. No injuries reported.
  • 3:43pm – Loss prevention at Walgreens on Bolton Street has two shoplifters in custody.
  • 3:49pm – Traffic enforcement on Pleasant Street.
  • 4:07pm – Belmont Street resident reports buying fake gift cards via Walgreens.
  • 4:38pm – Commercial fire alarm activation on Sanborn Street.
  • 6:46pm – Traffic enforcement on Pearl Street.
  • 7:28pm – Traffic enforcement on Grove Street.
  • 7:48pm – Verbal warning issued for a lights violation on Henzie Street.
  • 8:41pm – Verbal warning issued for a lights violation on Charles Street.

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

  • 5:08am – Commercial alarm at Mattera Cabin on Main Street.
  • 5:37am – All-night parking citations issued.
  • 7:11am – Lift assist for an Archstone Circle resident.
  • 8:26am – Complaint regarding tree company vehicles impeding traffic on West Street.
  • 10:17am – Lift assist for a Gazebo Circle resident.
  • 11:54am – Eastern Bank on Haven Street reports a possible scam.
  • 12:07pm – Union Street resident reports fraud.
  • 12:07pm – Report that a dog went through the ice at the Sturges Park skating rink.
  • 1:29pm – All-night parking exception granted on Haven Street.
  • 1:51pm – RMHS student reports a past hit and run on Oakland Road.
  • 2:11pm – Randall Road resident reports credit card fraud.
  • 2:21pm – Erratic vehicle operation reported on Main Street.
  • 2:46pm – Complaint regarding a vehicle blocking a Charles Street driveway.
  • 2:47pm – Traffic enforcement on Ash Street.
  • 3:01pm – Traffic enforcement on Highland Street.
  • 4:11pm – Caller reports threats made earlier in the day at Home Depot on Walkers Brook Drive.
  • 5:24pm – Verbal warning issued on Birch Meadow Drive.
  • 5:30pm – Traffic enforcement on Grove Street.
  • 5:41pm – Traffic enforcement on Ash Street.
  • 7:34pm – Officer out with a disabled vehicle on the Haverhill Street rotary.
  • 8:03pm – Vehicle stopped by a cruiser on Main Street.
  • 8:36pm – Verbal warning issued for speed on Birch Meadow Drive.
  • 11:03pm – Noise complaint on Main Street
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