LtE: Dana Guarino for School Committee

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Subject: Dana Guarino for School Committee

My wife and I moved to Reading in 1995, living in a small 3-bedroom home on B St. Our next-door neighbors, Tom and Tina Guarino, welcomed us into the community and made us feel part of the neighborhood right away. They had 3 sons, Michael, Dana and Joseph. I am a firm believer that a child’s behavior reflects the values parents instill. Even though Tom had his own food-service business (which as you know is non-stop), he and Tina were very involved in their kid’s activities and shaped their children to be respectful, compassionate, and always willing to help.

In 2006 I wrote a recommendation for Dana for his application for a Physician’s Assistant program. Here are a few lines from that recommendation:

“Dana has put his compassion into action locally by assisting our next door neighbor, Nancy, who suffers from severe Multiple Sclerosis. There have been many times when Dana would have to help her get up after a fall, or when she was unable to stand after using the bathroom.”

“He also recognizes the value of giving back to the community. He has been an assistant Pop Warner football coach (with his father) and participated in organizations such as “Habitat for humanity” where a team of individuals help build affordable housing.”

I had the opportunity to view some of the other recommendations written at the time, one by a local P.T. I find these following quotes very relevant to Dana’s character and his ability to learn and apply information quickly:

“Refreshingly, Dana exhibits patience, compassion and understanding, all of which make patients feel comfortable talking to Dana and aids the healing process. He has learned to listen intently to confirm patient conditions from more than just a physical exam. There have been many instances where Dana has provided guidance to patients, and after reviewing the case I reach the same conclusion and determine that he conveyed the same advice I would have given.”

“I have been impressed with how much Dana has been able to absorb over the past two months. Dana’s primary role is to help patients by employing rehabilitation techniques including massage, stretching, bicycle, repetitive motion and weight bearing exercises, and other training to improve balance & hand-eye coordination. He has been able to translate this information into a diagnosis and then develop an appropriate treatment plan. My role is to act as his mentor and judge his patient assessments to make sure that he is on the right track. Surprisingly, he seems to have grasped a great understand of how treat a certain ailments and problems.”

You may ask, why are you sharing these historical references. Very simply, just to underscore that Dana’s character, actions and abilities have not changed. He is now a father to three wonderful children, and he and his wife Stefanie are following in those same footsteps to instill in his kids those same values. His concern for his children, and his desire to “give back” remains strong and I believe these are the primary reasons he is running for School Committee.  

For close to 30 years I have watched Dana mature into the man he is today. What you get with Dana is a person with the drive and work ethic to meet the challenge. He never runs away from what he believes is right, but always approaches situations respectful of differing opinions, and from his medical training understands how to synthesize information to come up with the best solution to a problem. We need that passionate commitment to our children and families.

Please join me in voting for Dana Guarino for School Committee on March 5th.

John A. Sasso
Richards Rd.

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