Reading Police Log January 19-21, 2024

Excerpts from the Reading Police and Fire log:

Friday, January 19, 2024

  • 2:57am – Commercial alarm at Public Kitchen on Main Street.
  • 4:52am – Commercial alarm at Eastport Real Estate on Pond Meadow Drive.
  • 5:40am – All-night parking citations issued.
  • 6:21am – Burning odor reported in Bear Mountain on Main Street.
  • 7:27am – West Street resident reports a suspicious vehicle parked in the driveway.
  • 8:26am – Killam Elementary School reports a fox outside the building.
  • 9:39am – Gould Street resident reports a stolen package containing medication.
  • 10:06am – Complaint that Comcast is working on Forest Street without a detail.
  • 11:03am – Community policing event at Artis Senior Living on Main Street.
  • 12:02pm – Lost keys found on Haven Street.
  • 1:12pm – Hit and run reported on Oak Street.
  • 1:54pm – DPW notified of a clogged storm drain on Chapin Avenue.
  • 2:15pm – Wentworth Road resident reports receiving harassing text messages.
  • 2:29pm – Complaint regarding a speeding Fedex Truck on Timberneck Drive.
  • 2:30pm – Lift assist for an Eaton Street resident.
  • 2:39pm – Traffic enforcement on Lowell Street.
  • 4:14pm – Manager at Cosmo Prof on General Way reports an irate person opening items.
  • 4:36pm – Planet Fitness on Salem Street reports attempted break-ins.
  • 6:02pm – Traffic enforcement on Main Street.
  • 8:01pm – Commercial alarm at a Haven Street business.
  • 9:44 – Investigation of a fire alarm at Artis Senior Living on Main Street.
  • 10:14pm – Fire alarm for a smoking boiler in the basement of a Lilah Lane residence.

Arrest Log:

One suspect arrested for larceny, destruction of property, and drug possession.

Saturday, January 20, 2024

  • 1:40am – Extra check of Planet Fitness on Salem Street.
  • 4:52am – Stair motion alarm at RMHS.
  • 8:48am – Electric wires arcing with a visible fire on Parkview Road.
  • 9:20am – Third floor hallway alarm at RMHS.
  • 10:17am – Commercial alarm at Tower Home Loans on Main Street.
  • 10:22am – Wallet found on Haven Street.
  • 10:40am – Fire prevention inspection at old Rite Aid Pharmacy on Haven Street.
  • 10:41am – DPW notified for a sewage backup in the basement of a Pratt Street residence.
  • 11:06am – All-night parking exception granted on Auburn Street.
  • 12:54pm – Injured hawk reported on Scotland Road.
  • 1:48pm – Outside burning reported on Lewis Street.
  • 1:58pm – Traffic enforcement at Charles Lawn Cemetery.
  • 1:59pm – Traffic enforcement on West Street.
  • 2:26pm – Lift assist for an Eaton Street resident.
  • 3:18pm – Open fence gate reported at a Woburn Street construction site.
  • 3:46pm – DPW called for a person locked out of a school event at Barrows Elementary School.
  • 3:53pm – Alarm at Barrows Elementary School.
  • 4:00pm – Report of unauthorized credit card charges at Chipotle Mexican Grill on Walkers Brook Drive.
  • 4:08pm – Report that a dog was struck by a vehicle on Linden Street.
  • 9:16pm – Main Street resident reports an issue with a gas stove.

Sunday, January 21, 2024

  • 12:10am – Alarm sounding on Lincoln Street.
  • 12:38am – Extra check of Planet Fitness on Salem Street.
  • 6:04am – All-night parking violations issued.
  • 7:44am – Mt. Vernon Street resident reports a missing vehicle from the driveway.
  • 9:44am – Verbal warning issued for a stop sign violation on John Street.
  • 10:35am – Cape Cod Avenue resident reports a possible water main break.
  • 10:36am – Hit and run reported on Village Street.
  • 11:36am – Smoke detector activation in Selfridge Road residence.
  • 11:58am – Washington Street resident reports their house was egged overnight with possible damage.
  • 12:15pm – CVS on Main Street reports a suspicious couple is attempting to purchase gift cards.
  • 4:56pm – Wallet found on John Street.
  • 6:02pm – State PD reports that four suspicious persons fled a crash on the highway.
  • 10:44pm – Extra check of Planet Fitness on Salem Street.
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