Local Political Action Committee Launches: Together for Reading

READING, MA — Together for Reading is proud to announce its registration with the Town Clerk’s office as the first local political action committee (PAC) in Reading. The primary purpose of a PAC is to raise and distribute funds to support candidates and to advocate for specific political goals.

Together for Reading has a clear vision: It wants prudent long-term building, smart development, and an inclusive, welcoming town. Heading the organization is Chair Megan Fidler-Carey. Megan has been an active volunteer in the town and in local government for many years. When asked why a local PAC is needed, Megan said, “It’s important to have transparency in who is endorsing local candidates,” adding, “This PAC will support candidates for elected local office on a non-partisan basis. We will look for candidates who are thoughtful, collaborative, and inclusive.”

Keeping the financial records in order (and in compliance with state law) is Treasurer John Lippit. John is a familiar name to those who have followed local government. With 35 years of experience as an elected Town Meeting Member, John knows just how important effective elected leaders are. John observed, “The decisions our elected leaders make affect everything about the town, from water rates to zoning to what books are in the library. We need elected representatives who are committed to making town government work efficiently and to serving all residents.” He also noted, “Residents should vote like their tax rates depend on it because they do!”

Together for Reading will consider endorsing candidates for all elected positions in the March 5, 2024 election: Select Board, School Committee, Board of Library Trustees, RMLD Board of Commissioners, and Town Meeting. When Together for Reading flyers land on your doorstep before an election, you’ll know it was your neighbors who paid for them with the goal of having an effective, efficient, and welcoming town government.

To learn more, visit Together for Reading.

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