Vote Tara Gregory for Fresh Eyes and Energy on our Select Board

My name is Tara Gregory and I ask for your vote for Reading Select Board on or before March 5. I work in public safety as a fire protection engineer, and will bring fresh eyes, energy, and extensive town government volunteer experience to the position. I would be honored to continue my service to this community that so many of you have made a welcoming home for me. 

I will work on:

  • Tax relief for residents: I understand that residents are concerned with constant increases in their tax bills, and am committed to considering ways to alleviate that. This includes a greater tax split to help residents, which is more in line with neighboring towns. 
  • Enhancing pedestrian infrastructure: When we bought our house on Pleasant Street in 2020, I noticed decades of neglect in crumbling sidewalks. It’s time to direct more capital spending to pedestrian infrastructure and connect downtown with safe pedestrian routes that will transform how we experience our downtown and business areas including Walker’s Brook.
  • Exploring all options for MBTA Communities rezoning: As a property owner in the heart of the proposed MBTA Communities zone, I’m aware my neighborhood will be affected by any proposed changes. I want to see the full range of planning and zoning concepts and options—including reimagining some underutilized commercial and industrial areas near the train station with zoning that is compliant with the MBTA Communities state law. 
  • Greater accessibility: Did you know that Reading does not have a Commission on Disability or an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator? It is time to make accessibility and access a priority to ensure the most vulnerable among us, including our senior citizens, are not left behind.

During my time in Reading, I have been an active volunteer in community service. I’m a Town Meeting member, have presented to the Select Board, and volunteer with Partners and Allies for Inclusive Reading (PAIR) and CATO – The Coalition of Us. I look forward to meeting you, hearing your concerns, and earning your vote on or before March 5! 

Thank you,

Tara Gregory (they/them)

Pleasant Street

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