Representative Jones Continues to Maintain Perfect Voting Streak in 2023, with 7,905 Votes Now Recorded 

BOSTON – House Minority Leader Bradley H. Jones, Jr. (R-North Reading) continued to maintain a perfect voting record during the first half of the 2023-2024 legislative session, as he participated in all 70 roll calls taken in the Massachusetts House of Representatives between February 1, 2023, and November 15, 2023.  

Representative Jones has never missed a roll call while serving as a member of the House. With the 70 votes he recorded in 2023, his current unbroken streak of consecutive roll calls now stands at 7,905.  

“It is truly an honor for me to represent the residents of North Reading, Lynnfield, Reading, and Middleton and to advocate for their interests on Beacon Hill each and every day,” said Jones. “My voting record reflects my ongoing commitment to being a strong and effective voice for the four communities that make up the 20th Middlesex District.”  

In 2023, Jones cast votes on several major policy initiatives, including a comprehensive tax relief package, legislation to reform the state’s long-term care industry, and a bill to promote enhanced salary transparency for individuals applying for a job.  

The tax relief package doubled the Senior Circuit Breaker, assisting nearly 100,000 seniors with their housing costs, and also eliminates the estate tax for all estates valued under $2 million and allows for a uniform credit of $99,600, effective January 1, 2023. The bill also increases the rental deduction cap, the state’s child and dependent tax credit, and the Earned Income Tax Credit while reducing the tax on short-term capital gains from 12% to 8.5%. 

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