Reading Police Statement on Lewiston Maine Shooting

The following statement from Reading Police was released on their Facebook page.

Reading, MA — Please be advised at this time, law enforcement agencies, including Reading Police, have no intelligence that indicates the suspect from Maine is anywhere in our area. There is no confirmation of any of the possible sightings in Massachusetts earlier this morning.

In these times, many calls and tips are given from the public, which is very helpful but also can spread false information. Please do not believe everything you see online.

Officers are out patrolling and conducting extra checks of sensitive areas and buildings just as an extra precaution.

If we receive any information that the suspect is in our area, we will put it out immediately.

Please keep our dispatch lines open for emergencies and police matters.

We understand this is a scary time for all, but again there is no information that he is in the area.

We will continue to work with our schools and offer support to anyone needed at this time.

State Police

The following is a statement from the Massachusetts State Police.

Massachusetts — The Massachusetts State Police Commonwealth Fusion Center continues to be in regular contact with its Maine counterpart in regard to the Lewiston shootings and fugitive suspect ROBERT CARD. At this time, we are aware of no confirmed nexus between CARD and Massachusetts. We continue to monitor all available intelligence and will update our local law enforcement partners and the public of any developments that affect our state.

Massachusetts State Police Colonel John Mawn has been in contact with his counterparts from Maine and the other New England states to assess and coordinate capabilities for providing mutual aid to the Maine State Police. The full complement of Massachusetts State Police assets stand ready for deployment if requested, as necessitated by the evolving investigation and fugitive apprehension mission.

Thus far, a Massachusetts State Trooper assigned to our Bomb Squad and his K9 partner have responded to the Lewiston area in his capacity as an ATF Task Force Officer.

Last night the Massachusetts State Police deployed several Troop A patrols to the MA-NH state line to be on the lookout for the suspect’s white Subaru. That mission was a standard proactive deployment; there was no intelligence that suggested the suspect had fled toward Massachusetts. That vehicle was later located abandoned in Maine.

Our Fusion Center is gathering and processing a large amount of continually evolving information. If we become aware of a confirmed threat or nexus to Massachusetts we will provide official notification to media and the public.

As always, we remind the public to call 911 immediately to report anyone or anything suspicious.

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