Oregon Folk/Pop Musician Performs at Old South Coffee House

Reading, MA — Come to Old South on October 29 at 7 pm for coffee and folk music in a cozy fall concert performed by folk singer Bobby Jo Valentine. Tickets will be $12 and will include coffee. There will also be a dessert bar bake sale! Valentine’s music has won Song of the Year three times at the West Coast Songwriters Association, and his songs have appeared on radio, TV, and feature films. He has performed artist residencies, hosting songwriting workshops, and been involved in helping communities of all types use their spaces and voice in more creative, powerful ways.  Old South is delighted to host him for the evening on his New England Fall Music Tour.

Bobby Jo Valentine will perform at Old South UMC’s Oct. 29 Coffee House at 7 p.m. Tickets are $12/individual, $30/family and will include your coffee! A delectable Dessert Bar bake sale will be also available.

Bobby Jo’s music exists outside the lines of any genre, but the music’s thoughtful spirit-focused lyrics and catchy melodies reach listeners across all walks of life. The poetic nature and spiritual focus of his stories and songs has resulted in notable awards and a growing loyal following around the country. He has found a voice with original, hopeful songs about the gentle everyday spiritual awakenings of an openhearted life.

Old South’s Coffee House will begin at 7 p.m. Tickets are $12 ($30/family) and will be available at the door, or online at OldSouthUMC.org. Old South United Methodist Church is located at 6 Salem Street in Reading — the white church with the beautiful steeple and clock tower at the top of the town common. We are so excited that Bobby Jo has chosen to tour at Old South — and that we have the opportunity to hear such great music in our space. This is a family-friendly event – open to everyone in a venue where sitting still is not necessary!

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