Reading Police Log May 29-30, 2023

Reading, MA – Excerpts from the Reading Police and Fire Log:

Monday, May 29, 2023

  • 9:07am – Officers assist with the parade on Main Street.
  • 9:53am – Investigation of a Vehicle crash in a Main Street parking lot.
  • 10:01am – Inside odor of gas reported at a Summer Avenue residence.
  • 10:16am – Complaint regarding ongoing construction at a Libby Avenue residence on a holiday.
  • 1:20pm – Wilmington PD wishes to speak with a Charles Street resident.
  • 1:35am – DPW notified of a hornet nest on a Main Street tree lawn.
  • 2:31pm – Extra check of a Longview Road residence.
  • 3:49pm – Main Street resident has an uncontrollable nose bleed.
  • 6:28pm – Verbal warning issued for a DPW sign violation on Green Street.
  • 8:25pm – Well being check of an Edgemont Avenue resident.

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

  • 12:36am – Report of barking dogs on Pearl Street.
  • 4:08am – Large branch blocking the road on Indiana Avenue.
  • 6:56am – Fire alarm activation at a Main Street business.
  • 7:48am – Investigation of a two-vehicle crash on Main Street. No injuries reported.
  • 7:57am – Officer covering a crossing post at Summer Avenue and King Street.
  • 8:03am – Complaint regarding a construction crew parking too close to MBTA property on Goodall Sanford Road.
  • 8:09am – Investigation of a tree company damaging a vehicle on West Street.
  • 8:16am – Lost dog reported on Margaret Avenue.
  • 8:18am – CO detector activation on Temple Street.
  • 9:25am – Detail officer requests officer for a road rage incident.
  • 9:43am – Hydrant out of service on Azalea Circle.
  • 9:43am – Hydrant out of service on Wilson Street.
  • 10:29am – Hydrant on Wilson Street is back in service.
  • 11:03am – Lift assist for an Osborne Avenue resident.
  • 11:23am – Erratic vehicle operation reported on Highland Avenue.
  • 11:41am – Verbal warning issued for a one-way violation on Haven Street.
  • 12:04pm – Follow-up phone call with a Longview Road resident.
  • 1:20pm – Cape Cod Avenue resident reports that their dog was bitted by another dog near the Reading Public Library.
  • 2:16pm – Extra check of a Longview Road residence.
  • 4:06pm – Summit Drive resident reports lost keys.
  • 4:48pm – Traffic enforcement on Chapin Avenue
  • .
  • 5:00pm – Parkview Road resident reports ID theft.
  • 5:52pm – Manager the Honda dealership on Walkers Brook Drive reports a person with a stolen credit card.
  • 6:24pm – Traffic enforcement on Charles Street.
  • 6:28pm – Green Street resident complains regarding vehicles blocking their driveway.
  • 6:33pm – Second-floor stair alarm at Barrows Elementary School.
  • 7:20pm – Report of a suspicious person going door to door on Fairview Avenue.
  • 8:28pm – West Street resident reports a stolen package.
  • 8:40am – Urgent response needed for a person who fell with an arm injury on Salem Street.
  • 9:06pm – Verbal warning issued on Main Street.
  • 9:38pm – Traffic enforcement on Summer Avenue.
  • 9:41pm – Suspicious person refuses to leave a General Way store.
  • 9:53pm – Indoor odor of gas reported at a Main Street facility.
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