LtE: April 4th – Vote for Experience – Karen Herrick

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Keep. Moving. Forward.

This endorsement is written with great respect for Karen Herrick. She is a person that has been consistent, honest, and motivated to make a change when our community needed her.

Karen took office right before COVID turned our world upside down. Soon thereafter, my neighborhood learned that the town had plans of building a cell tower on the corner of Auburn and Beacon Street. Immediately, Karen Herrick became involved to support our neighborhood with open and transparent lines of communication. She proactively provided updates and always took the time to respond to email and phone calls. Personally, I was impressed and felt she went above and beyond. She protected my family, my neighborhood and most importantly, gave us the confidence we desired in a leader. Industrial cell towers do not belong in tightly knit neighborhoods. Karen made sure of that.

As time went on, I started to develop a good rapport with Karen. Being in the construction industry myself, I was very impressed with her experience and capabilities to handle several complex multi-million-dollar projects at once. The building of the new Killam School, the development of our new Senior Center and the infamous water tower project were no match for someone with years of select board, town meeting, and finance committee background. Karen is actively involved and her resume speaks for itself.

The Town of Reading needs Karen, now more than ever. I encourage all of you to vote for the experience on April 4th.


Mike Lacey
Beacon St.

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