The Orbit: A Different Kind of College Application

The following article is from the RMHS school newspaper “The Orbit”

Mina Willander (’23)

The Art Portfolio

Rose Clark (’23), Orbit Contributor

To many high school seniors, senior year means submitting college applications and slowly winding down their high school careers. But to a small group of seniors, senior year is dominated by perfecting pieces of art, scrolling through piles of past work, and making high-stakes decisions about what to share with picky evaluators–but what are these students doing? Creating an art portfolio that would be. Nowadays, in order to be accepted to many colleges for an art program, students are required to compile a portfolio of their best work and some new pieces to show off their talent. 

Lots to Do

This assignment is not taken lightly and is not an easy thing to complete. Requirements for many of these portfolios take months, I would know from personal experience. Now, this is not all about me – I am one of the thousands of students applying to art schools – but it is safe to say it is a lot of work. 

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