Select Board Reviews Town Manager

Reading Town Manager Fidel Maltez – Photo by Kenan Cooper

Reading, MA — The Select Board approved the composite annual review of Town Manager Fidel Maltez on Tuesday. Maltez received positive feedback throughout the review, which rated his goals in areas such as earning the trust of the staff and the community, support of the school department, economic development, and infrastructure work. The board also rated him for his leadership, communication, and management of the staff and town operations. Several employees of the town also submitted a 360-degree review.

Select Board Chair Mark Dockser noted in open session that he appreciates having Maltez in town and “recognizes the efforts you have made.” Select Board member Carlo Bacci stated that all the feedback from the anonymous employee surveys was positive and cautioned Maltez not to burn himself out. Select Board member Jackie McCarthy echoed this concern. 

“It is a marathon, not a sprint,” McCarthy counseled.

Member Christopher Haley also indicated appreciation for Maltez’s impact in town. “It’s refreshing to see someone who cares about a community they do not even live in.” Member Karen Herrick agreed with much of what the other members stated and indicated that she is looking forward to working with Maltez over the next year.

Dockser continued, praising Maltez for his outreach into the community and for his quick reaction to challenges. “Government is not only about being proactive but also responsive,” Dockser stated. Maltez thanked the board for the review and shared that he is pleased with how the team at town hall has “coalesced” with each other. He also thanked former Town Manager Robert LeLacheur for leaving the town in a solid financial position and taking phone calls and lending advice. “It’s easier to tweak than to invent,” Maltez mused. After the public portion of the review, the board entered executive session to develop strategy regarding Maltez’s contract at 8:05 pm and returned to open session at 8:45 pm.

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