Reading Police & Fire Log December 7-8, 2022

Reading, MA – Excerpts from the Reading Police and Fire Log:

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

  • 3:00am – Text-a-Tip Report of a Loud Car on Van Norden Road.
  • 5:37am – Commercial Alarm at a Main Street Business.
  • 7:52am – Investigation of a Two-Vehicle Crash on Haverhill Street. No Injuries Reported.
  • 8:58am – Disabled Vehicle on Main Street.
  • 9:12am – Extra Check of an Ash Street Residence.
  • 10:02am – Hydrant on Marla Lane is Back in Service.
  • 11:00am – General Free Alarm at a Whittier Road Residence.
  • 11:14am – Traffic Enforcement on Pearl Street.
  • 12:54pm – Verbal Warning Issued for Failure to Stop on Pleasant Street.
  • 2:08pm – Fire Alarm Activation at a Jacob Way Residence.
  • 3:34pm – Traffic Enforcement on Catherine Avenue.
  • 4:05pm – Large Tree Branch in the Road on Grove Street.
  • 4:43pm – Report of a Suspicious Person Walking on Lowell Street.
  • 5:32pm – Report that a Vehicle with a Trailer was Parked Overnight on Van Norden Road.
  • 5:34pm – Verbal Warning Issued for Failure to Illuminate Headlight on Woburn Street.
  • 7:37pm – Traffic Enforcement on Pine Ridge Road.
  • 8:20pm – Traffic Enforcement on Harnden Street.
  • 8:32pm – Verbal Warning Issued for Failure to Illuminate Headlights on Salem Street.

Thursday, December 8, 2022

  • 12:18am – Report that a Person Yelling for Help in a Woburn Street Building.
  • 4:03am – Lift Assist for a Milepost Road Resident.
  • 6:21am – Lift Assist for a Holly Road Resident.
  • 7:22am – Road Closure on Linden Street.
  • 7:23am – Road Closure on Sanborn Street.
  • 7:34am – Road Closure on Woburn Street.
  • 7:45am – Officer Standing By at a Crossing Post at Killam Elementary School.
  • 8:43am – SRO Motion Alarm at Parker Middle School.
  • 9:02am – Road Closure on King Street.
  • 9:49am – Lift Assist for a Bay State Road Resident.
  • 10:27am – Extra Check of an Ash Street Residence.
  • 12:51pm – Complaint Regarding an Unoccupied Vehicle Blocking the Road on Johnson Woods Drive.
  • 2:40pm – Officer Covering Crossing Post at Killam Elementary School.
  • 2:46pm – Wallet Found on Main Street Turned in at Station.
  • 3:28pm – Traffic Enforcement on South Street.
  • 5:19pm – Credit Card Found on Franklin Street Turned in at Station.
  • 5:29pm – All Night Parking Exception Granted for Three Vehicles on Grand Street.
  • 6:06pm – Hit and Run Reported on Main Street.
  • 6:46pm – Traffic Enforcement Reported on Bancroft Avenue.
  • 7:44pm – Verbal Warning Issued for a Defective Tail Light on Summer Avenue.
  • 8:38pm – Traffic Enforcement on Woburn Street.
  • 8:42pm – Elevator Call in RMHS Field House.
  • 9:15pm – Linden Street Resident Reports Basement Flooding.
  • 10:00pm – Report that Flashlights were seen in an Abigail Way Building.
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