Climate Advisory Committee Polystyrene Bylaw Proposal

Proposed Bylaw to prohibit the use and distribution of rigid or foam polystyrene materials in local food establishments. 

Reading, MA — The Climate Advisory Committee is sponsoring a Polystyrene Bylaw at the 2022 Subsequent Town Meeting this November. The Bylaw would prohibit food establishments in Reading from using or distributing disposable food service containers, cutlery, or other single-use disposable products made from rigid or foam polystyrene. This restriction would apply to food establishments which includes restaurants, mobile food vendors, caterers, public and private schools, farmers’ markets, civic or religious centers or facilities, any building owned by the Town of Reading, and any establishment requiring a permit to operate in accordance with the State Food Code. If adopted, the Bylaw would go into effect as early as summer 2023. 

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