Reading Police & Fire Log September 12-13, 2022

Reading, MA – Excerpts from the Reading Police and Fire Log:

Monday, September 12, 2022

  • 12:25am – New York State PD Requests Contact with a Franklin Street Resident Regarding an ID.
  • 12:31am – Extra Check of a Haven Street Business.
  • 2:09am – Lift Assist for a Bay State Road Resident.
  • 7:43am – Haverhill Street Resident Complaint Regarding a Vehicle Parked in Front of the Home for a Week.
  • 11:01am – Speedboard Deployment on Charles Street.
  • 11:02am – Traffic Enforcement on Charles Street. No Citations Issued.
  • 11:06am – Alarm for a Possible Stove Fire at a Main Street Residence.
  • 1:25pm – Complaint Regarding a Vehicle Parked in a Woburn Street Construction Area.
  • 1:34pm – Traffic Enforcement on Wentworth Road. No Citations Issued.
  • 1:45pm – Traffic Enforcement on Arthur B. Lord Drive. No Citations Issued.
  • 2:01pm – Traffic Enforcement on Main Street. No Citations Issued.
  • 2:17pm – Text-a-Tip Report of Loud Music on Middlesex Avenue.
  • 3:38pm – Report of a Suspicious Person Hopping the Fence in the Rear of a Haven Street Building.
  • 4:48pm – Caller Reports Losing Keys at a Walkers Brook Drive Business.
  • 4:53pm – Two Vehicle Crash on Bancroft Avenue with Fluid Leaking. No Injuries Reported.
  • 5:38pm – Report of a Suspicious Person Walking in the Middle of Forest Glen Road.
  • 6:47pm – Beacon Street Resident Reports Stolen License Plates.
  • 7:18pm – Text-a-Tip Report of a Suspicious Vehicle on Sunnyside Avenue.
  • 9:11pm – CO Detector Activation at a Deborah Drive Residence.
  • 9:14pm – Notification of a Repossession on Cape Cod Avenue.
  • 10:28pm – Haystack Road Resident Complaint Regarding a Dog that has been Barking for over an Hour.

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

  • 1:13am – Extra Check of a Briarwood Avenue Residence.
  • 1:34am – Extra Check of a Suspicious Vehicle in a Main Street Parking Lot.
  • 6:12am – Commercial Alarm at a Walkers Brook Drive Business.
  • 6:41am – Commercial Alarm at a Main Street Business.
  • 9:01am – Direct Call for an FD Investigation of a Timberneck Drive Property.
  • 10:43am – Traffic Enforcement on Main Street. No Citations Issued.
  • 12:00noon – Follow-up Visit with a Green Street Resident.
  • 12:36pm – Report of a Young Person on Bancroft Avenue Appearing to be in Distress.
  • 2:01pm – Traffic Enforcement on Walkers Brook Drive. Two Citations Issued.
  • 2:11pm – Traffic Enforcement on Arthur B. Lord Drive. No Citations Issued.
  • 2:37pm – Disabled Vehicle on Pearl Street.
  • 2:41pm – Traffic Enforcement on West Street. No Citations Issued.
  • 3:10pm – Assistance with a Handicapped Van Rendered to a Sturges Road Resident.
  • 4:45pm – Customers Stuck in an Elevator at a Walkers Brook Drive Business.
  • 5:05pm – Report of Damage to Brick Pillars at a Main Street Building.
  • 5:28pm – Follow-up Visit with an Emerson Street Resident.
  • 6:25pm – Outside Odor of Gas Reported on Field Pond Drive.
  • 6:42pm – Report to FD Regarding an Inside Odor at an Archstone Circle Residence.
  • 6:53pm – Complaint Regarding a Vehicle Traveling at a High Speed on Franklin Street.
  • 8:27pm – Repossession Order at a Main Street Residence Received Via Fax.
  • 9:38pm – FD Service Call for a Johnson Woods Drive Residence.
  • 9:46pm – PD Informed that a Disabled Vehicle will be in a Harnden Street Parking Lot Overnight.
  • 10:12pm – Investigation of a Fire Alarm at a Tennyson Road Residence.
  • 11:00pm – Unit Flagged Down at a Main Street Business Regarding a Past Incident.
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