LtE: School Committee Reorganization

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To the Editor,

It is my understanding that the school committee will be reorganizing soon. As a former school committee member, I strongly urge you the current members to carefully consider who you will nominate and elect for the position of School Committee Chair. This is an important position and requires a person who can handle challenges while simultaneously considering what is always best for students and families.

There is one member who should not be considered for the position. This school committee caused a great deal of damage last year when he surreptitiously received private student and family information that should have been immediately reported to the Superintendent and School Committee Chair. Instead, he chose to withhold that information and it lead to an embarrassing situation for the school committee and a terrible situation for the families involved. He never took responsibility, he never apologized for his serious error in judgment and he displayed poor character and a serious lack of integrity.

This is not the person who should be leading the school committee.I respectfully request that the school committee nominate another member who will consider the needs and concerns of the community first before their own agenda; one who displays the skills required to lead the committee effectively this next school year. Someone with poor character and judgment is not appropriate for this leadership position and should be eliminated as a possible candidate.

I implore the school committee members to do the right thing and elect a chairperson who reflects the values of our community.

Thank you.

Karen Janowski
Azalea Circle

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