Class President Connor Patterson

I’d like to start off by thanking those here today. Our superintendent, Dr. Milaschewski, our Principal Mr. Tracey, our assistant principal, Ms. Theriault and all administration, faculty, and staff, as well as family, friends, and others. And of course welcome the graduating class of 2022.

I struggled at first when I began to write this speech as I had no idea what I really wanted to say. I was reading through websites, seeing the same 5 quotes and the same cliche topics or themes over and over again but nothing stuck out to me. Then I realized what my problem was. How can I write a basic speech for my high school graduation when I had a far from basic high school experience.

I started reading more and more quotes online looking for something about changing times or a difference in experiences shaping who you are. It didn’t take long to realize that no one has published any famous quotes about logging on to Zoom classrooms, cheating on every single school assignment, and playing video games while you pretend like you’re paying attention to an online class. What I did realize, is that the class of 2022 has shared this unique and unexpected experience together. Although we didn’t have a typical high school experience, in many ways, it made our class better. Except for the fact that we cheated on everything for like 2 years and might be a little behind academically because of that. We would’ve never known what those lost years would be like inside the halls of RMHS but I hope that my fellow graduates feel like they made the most out of their time in this building.

Although we missed out on school dances and other fun times, we still have great memories like that time when a mysterious trash can fire erupted in one of our school bathrooms. Our class did not choose to go home to virtual classrooms and spend the majority of high school hiding our faces behind masks. Our class did not choose to miss our sophomore semi-formal or our junior prom. And the lesson to take away from these experiences is that many things in life are out of our control. It’s important that when plans change or things don’t go your way that you are still able to make the most out of your circumstances. I saw many of my classmates make the most out of the circumstances given to them when we first returned to the building for our senior year. I remember feeling the great energy in the building that day and I’m sure those of you here today remember as well. On class day we all watched a slideshow put together by our amazing Class Office that highlighted many memories shared by the class of 2022.

I hope that in good times and bad times too that the RMHS graduating class makes the best out of any situation and perseveres. As your President, that is my advice to you. It has been a pleasure and an honor to serve as President of the class of 2022 for the past 4 years. Thank you again to all of our administration, faculty, and staff, parents, and other guests for being here this evening. And congrats to my fellow seniors.

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