LtE: We need Mark Dockser on the Select Board

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To the editor:

It’s important to have good managers on our Select Board because, among other things, the Select Board supervises the Town Manager. With a new Town Manager, it is especially important to have people on the Select Board with the experience, knowledge, and skills to support him.

We also need people on the Select Board who will receive, search out, and process information in order to make good decisions. We need Select Board members who will listen to all residents, as well as town staff, to get the information needed for decision-making. We need people who are analytical and thoughtful.

Finally, we need Select Board members who can discuss issues with civility and respect for everyone. We need people who can disagree agreeably. 

Mark Dockser has demonstrated these attributes during his first term on the Select Board and in all his service in town government, in Town Meeting and on the Finance Committee. He is a real asset to have on the Board and we need him to continue. 

Please join me in voting to re-elect Mark Dockser to the Select Board on April 5. Your vote is IMPORTANT! This election will have a significant effect on the expertise and tone of our Select Board.

John Lippitt
Mineral Street

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