LtE: Select Board Yet Again Failed To Do Their Diligence

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Dear Editor, 

The Select Board yet again failed to do their diligence for yet another meeting.

Ms. Herrick was 100% wrong that no one else in the state has a similar termination clause as our late Town Manager; That it’s “not out there”. The clause is “out there” Ms. Herrick. In a quick (and I do mean quick search), Concord has a clause, as does Townsend. Shall I keep searching? I stopped after I found those contracts because the point is – you were incorrect and, your lack of due diligence (again) was at someone’s loss. 

Ms. Herrick your question to town counsel on the word “termination” were coy. You were clearly playing (and failing) at semantics. The message you are sending Mr. Maltez is heartbreaking. I would not blame him for running for the hills. 

Why would anyone want to work in Reading after two members (Mr. Dockser and Ms. Herrick) stomped and spit on the grave of one of the best (if not THE BEST) Town Managers in the state? I guess that’s how we say “Thanks!” here.


Alicia Williams
Marla Lane

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