Reading Police & Fire Log February 21-23, 2022

Reading, MA – Excerpts from the Reading Police and Fire Log:

Monday, February 21, 2022

  • 1:20am – Extra Checks of the Unitarian Universalist Church.
  • 3:53am – Alarm at RMHS.
  • 6:35am – Commercial Alarm at a Walkers Brook Drive Business.
  • 10:34am – Assistance Rendered at RMLD on Woburn Street.
  • 11:42am – Officer Assists RMLD with Traffic on Woburn Street.
  • 1:28pm – Traffic Enforcement on General Way.
  • 1:55am – Haven Street Resident Reports a Past Dog Bite.
  • 2:40pm – Minor Two-Vehicle Accident at Haverhill Street Rotary.
  • 3:02pm – Traffic Enforcement at Charles Lawn Cemetery. No Citations Issued.
  • 5:22pm – Lakeview Avenue Resident Reports that a Neighbor Tripped a Breaker.
  • 6:14pm. Traffic Enforcement on Chapin Avenue. One Citations Issued.
  • 7:46pm – Report of an Alarm Sounding at the Library.
  • 7:59pm – Traffic Enforcement on Symonds Way. One Citation Issued.
  • 9:06pm – Extra Check of the Unitarian Universalist Church.
  • 11:39pm – Fire Alarm in an Elderberry Lane Building.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

  • 7:56am – Cutting and Welding Detail on Main Street.
  • 8:29am – Officer Standing by While DPW Fills Pothole on Walkers Brook Drive.
  • 9:56am – Owl Stuck in a Soccer Net at Wood End Elementary School.
  • 10:07am – Report of Vehicle Damage at a Walkers Brook Drive Business.
  • 11:01am – Report of a Hit and Run on Pleasant Street.
  • 11:17am – Grove Street Resident Reports Mail Fraud.
  • 12:25pm – Sunnyside Avenue Resident Reports Scam Phone Call.
  • 12:34pm – Traffic Enforcement on Sunnyside Avenue. No Citations Issued.
  • 1:42pm – Traffic Enforcement on Salem Street. One Citation Issued.
  • 1:51pm – Traffic Enforcement on Pleasant Street. One Citation Issued.
  • 2:57pm – Suspect Detained for Shoplifting at a Walkers Brook Drive Business.
  • 7:55pm – Traffic Enforcement on Washington Street. No Citations Issued.
  • 8:06pm – Tamarack Road Resident Reports that the Water in the House is not Draining.
  • 8:46pm – Traffic Enforcement on Wakefield Street. No Citations Issued.
  • 9:51pm – Over Night Parking Exception on Copeland Avenue.
  • 11:30pm – Grant Street Resident Reports that a Door to the House Across the Street has been Left Open.

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

  • 2:17am – Verbal Warning Issued for Speed on Plymouth Road.
  • 8:07am – Forest Street Resident Reports that the House was Egged Overnight.
  • 8:34am – Cutting and Welding Detail on Main Street.
  • 10:48am – Traffic Enforcement on Countryside Lane. No Citations Issued.
  • 11:09am – Verbal Warning for a Red Light Violation on Pleasant Street.
  • 11:54am – Lights at Forest Glen Road and Main Street Stuck on Red.
  • 11:57am – Erratic Vehicle Operation Reported at the Haverhill Street Rotary.
  • 1:23pm – Whittier Road Resident Reports Suspicious People Walking on Property.
  • 1:36pm – Whitehall Lane Resident is Concerned about a Solicitor.
  • 4:12pm – Haverhill Street Resident Reports Fraud.
  • 4:58pm – Follow-up Visit with a Washington Street Resident.
  • 5:00pm – Lowell Street Resident Reports Lewd Pictures Sent to a Phone.
  • 6:25pm – Verbal Warning Issued for Failure to Illuminate Headlights on Green Street.
  • 6:27pm – Traffic Enforcement at Charles Lawn Cemetery. No Citations Issued.
  • 7:31pm – Minot Street Resident Reports Contractor Issue.
  • 7:57pm – West Street Resident Reports Confusion over Lost AirPods with Unwanted Guests.
  • 8:20pm – Main Street Resident is Unable to Locate their Car Keys.
  • 9:18pm – Order to Repossess Vehicle on Winslow Road Received.
  • 9:42pm – Verbal Warning Issued for a Marked Lanes Violation at the Haverhill Street Rotary.
  • 11:03pm – Verbal Warning Issued on Main Street.
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